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Kukishin Ryu Bojutsu possesses three parts which are Hanbojutsu (featuring Sensudori/Tessenjutsu), Jojutsu and also Bojutsu (Rokushaku-Bojutsu).

Hanbojutsu is actually also called Sanjaku-Bojutsu. The length is actually “Sanjaku” (90.09 centimeters). The dimension is “Hachibu” to “Issun” (2.4 centimeters young one 3.3 centimeters). It is actually created coming from oak, as reddish oak was actually considered the Shogun’s plant. The size of this particular is the same as a saber coming from recommendation to recommendation. As A Result Kenjutsu and also Hanbojutsu possess a deep partnership.

Takeru squashed the head of Hirine along with a sword stick. This sword stick was Sanjaku Gosun (108 cm) as well as affixed to one edge is a tiny stone (sized 16.5 centimeters).

Hanbojutsu techniques established in the warring Era as well as there are 2 hooked up stories:

The Emperor’s edge top competitor, that was Kukishin Ryu professional Ohkuni Taro Takehide, combated with the leading competitor of Ahikaga edge Yashiro Ujisato. Ohkuni dealt with utilizing a Rokushaku Yari (lance) as well as Yashiro combated utilizing a Sanjaku-Hassun’s Tachi (long saber). Ohkuni drew his brief falchion as well as reduced the neck of Yashiro.

The top boxer of the Takeda edge and Kurama Ryu pro Suzuki Tangonokami Katsuhisa, who combated making use of Sanjaku-Gosun’s Tachi while horseriding. The leading fighter of the Oda side and also the Kukishin Ryu specialist Inaba Kaja Yoshitame (an additional story is actually Kuriyama Ukon) that combated using red maple Rokushaku-Bo of an octagon design while horseriding. And Suzuki attempted to reduce downward from Daijodan, yet Inaba struck up versus Suzuki’s palms with continuing to be Sanjaku-Bo piece.

HANBOJUTSU (Three shaku staff)

War, documented in the Nihon Shoki and also Kojiki (which are 2 of regular tells of Japan) took place in the 8th century A.D. Prince Yamato Takeruno Mikoto prepared to beat an endure soldier of Izumo,. Izumo Takeru. Royal prince Yamato headed to check out the enthusiast and sought to shake palms along with him to show.

Izumo his goodwill as well as companionship. The Prince after that invited Izumo to take a cold bathroom with him, viewed. that they might refer fight strategies in they’re nakedness (Japanese have a stating “nude company” which indicates to conceal nothing apiece various other.) while the Prince and the Izumo fighter.

were bathing, one of the princes retainers executed the royal princes program; he swapped Izumo’s steel.

saber for a counterpart akagashi (red maple) would certainly saber (which I expect looked like an iron sword). To put the activity into a ninjutsu condition, he made use of “mokoton no jutsu” (a procedure practiced by the use of hardwood). The Prince and also Izumo were actually soaked up in a heated discourse on combat tactics. One will.

tell the other regarding a departed fight and also just how he succeeded it by using this or even that strategy. Then the various other will say in that instance one more method will have been an extra effective. In this fashion trend, the Prince led Izumo into a test at bodily fight.

They got out of bed away from the water to fight. Izumo uninformed of the Prince’s strategy, swung at the Prince along with the timber falchion. The steel falchion of the Prince was barged in half by Izumo’s wood saber and the.

Royal prince was very soon regrettably beat. Thus a fighter, through smarts and guile, made use of a wood saber to beat another enthusiast who originally had a steel falchion.

In 1339, an additional story involving an additional feasible source of the one-half workers was actually recorded in the battle publication (Senki) of Japan. In January of the 3rd year of Engen( 1336-39), Ashikaga Takauji and his.

army attacked Kyoto. Protecting the urban area was Yuuki Chikamitsu and also his soldiers. One of Yuuki’s appliances, Ookuni Taro Takehide coped “Gooketsu” (a extremely sturdy and unusually huge man) of the Ashikaga military. Ookuni was actually making use of a tachi (an excess fat falchion) over three feet long.

The “tachi” landed on Ookuni’s lance along with the energy of a large axe as well as left just a 3 feet long stick.

Ookuni kept the embed one palm spread his upper arms in the “Hira no Kamae” and after that pressed the “gooketsu” to attack.

The Gooketsu, outraged due to the boldness of Ookuni, increased his “tachi” higher airborne and also delivered the cutter down with the energy that will possess divided the fighter in 2, shield and all Ookuni continued to be tranquil; he utilized “Taihen jutsu” to avoid the cutter and also pushed his personnel in to an open space in the Gooketsu’s armor to toss it off.

In the profits stroke of the team after throwing the shield off he blew the best of the Gooketsu’s scalp, clipping his cranium. This story is among the ideas of the source of the half staff.

In the Kukishinden Ryu the Hanbojutsu is actually broken down in to 3 Kamae, then 3 sets of formal Kata Shoden no kata, Chuden no kata, as well as Okuden no kata. The Shoden is protection against.

Kodachi/Wakizashi; the Chuden as well as Okuden kata’s are defense against katana. You should find out to keep a company grip on the Hanbo yet a loose feeling of the team. Permit it relocate readily.

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  1. KATA YABURI NO KAMAE (Form bursting stance) 型破之構.

Recognized as Hira Ichimonji no Kamae, Kachimi no Kamae, Kata Yaburi no Kokoro Kamae.

  1. MUNEN MUSO NO KAMAE (No intention, no notion pose) 無念無想之構.

Named Shinshin no Kamae, Shingi no Kamae, Mushin no kokoro Kamae, Mushin no Kamae Mugamae.

  1. OTONASHI NO KAMAE (Soundless pose) 音無之構.

Referred to as Shizen no Kamae, Danpi no Kamae, Kage no Ippon no Kamae, Otonashi no Kokoro Kamae,.

Otonashi no Kamae Mugamae

KUDEN: Shinden Amatsu Tatara Ryu’s Hanbojutsu which is based upon the Amatsu Tatara Kangi Den.

uses 3 Kamae. Kata Yaburi, Munen Muso, as well as Otonashi. These pass the cumulative name Sanshi Den,.

Sanshin no Kamae, as well as Sanso no kata. Takamatsu Toshitsugu contacted the three Kamae Sanshin no Kamae.

The span of this is actually the very same as a sword from recommendation to idea. Takeru squashed the crown of Hirine with a saber stick. Ohkuni combated utilizing a Rokushaku Yari (javelin) and also Yashiro fought making use of a Sanjaku-Hassun’s Tachi (long sword). Ohkuni pulled his quick falchion and also cut the back of Yashiro.

Ookuni was actually utilizing a tachi (a body fat falchion) over three feets long.

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